Top 10 Most Powerful Navies in the World 2018

Top 10 Most Powerful Navies in the World 2018 – When it comes to naval strength as with military strength in general there are several factors in “best”

  • Technology
  • Force Projection
  • Numbers
  • Training
  • Strategy/doctrine/tactics

And some are more important than others. For example the US is no. 1 in technology, force projection, training and probably strategy. Except China (if memory serves) has more vessels and I think more personnel. North Korea ranks no.1 in total vessels but considering most are patrol craft I don’t think they’ll be establishing any form of naval superiority any time soon. So here’s my list with regards to the above factors. Top 10 Most Powerful Navies in the World 2018 are follow-

Top 10 Most Powerful Navies in the World 2018

10. Republic of China Navy, Taiwan

Republic of China Navy, Taiwan
Republic of China Navy, Taiwan

Personnel: 38,000+
Ships: 110+

Aircraft carriers: 0 | Submarines: 4 | Frigates: 20 | Destroyers: 4 | Corvettes: 1 | Patrol vessels: 51 | Amphibious assault ships: 3 | Mine warfare vessels: 8 |

Taiwan an island nation, been in long conflict with China since the revolution in China. Its rivalry against China put Taiwan in complications. International communities avoid to sell any militarist equipment to Taiwan. That’s the reason, now Taiwan has to build its own submarines. At present, it has almost every modern warship except aircraft carrier


9. Italian Navy, Italy

Italian Navy
Italian Navy

Personnel: 30,923+

Vessels: 180+
Aircraft: 70

Aircraft carriers: 2 | Submarines: 7 | Frigates: 14 | Destroyers: 4 | Corvettes: 4 | Patrol vessels: 10 | Amphibious assault ships: 3 | Mine warfare vessels: 10 |

Italy is a nation that is normally overlooked in many discussions about military power. While the navy might be smaller with both ships and sailors, they do partake in a wide variety of different missions including search and rescue as well as numerous peace keeping operations.


8. Republic of Korea Navy, South Korea

Republic of Korea Navy
Republic of Korea Navy

Personnel: 70,000+

Aircraft carriers: 1 | Submarines: 15 | Frigates: 13 | Destroyers: 12 | Corvettes: 16 | Patrol vessels: 70 | Amphibious assault ships: 1 | Mine warfare vessels: 11 |

South Korea’s navy also know of ROK Navy, has been focusing on upgrading their current navel to become classified as a blue-water navy. A blue-water navy is a naval force that is able to conduct operations over the ocean far from their own shores. The ROK Navy has a force that is amphibious and on top of their naval vessels, South Korea also has land troops which it can deploy, including artillery.


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7. French Navy, France

French Navy
French Navy

Personnel: 36,331+
Ships: 180+
Aircraft: 200+

Aircraft carriers: 1 | Submarines: 10 | Frigates: 11 | Destroyers: 4 | Corvettes: 0 | Patrol vessels: 17 | Amphibious assault ships: 3 | Mine warfare vessels: 18 |

Marine Nationale, also called La Royale, was formed in 1624 is one of the oldest navy in naval history. La Royale played an essential role in establishing French colonial empire. French army has been in war since 387 BC, and the amazing part, fought 168 wars in which 109 won. Such army must has a mighty force to protect its shore – so it has La Royale. 20th century’s technology boom helps La Royale to build well equipped war ships which are one of the best on earth.


6. Royal Navy, United Kingdom

Royal Navy
Royal Navy

Personnel: 33,280+
Ships: 77+
Aircraft: 170+

Aircraft carriers: 2 | Submarines: 11 | Frigates: 13 | Destroyers: 6 | Corvettes: 0 | Patrol vessels: 4 | Amphibious assault ships: 2 | Mine warfare vessels: 15 |

This list catches the Royal Navy at a historic ebb in firepower. Like much of the British Armed Forces, the Royal Navy has seen successive waves of equipment and personnel cuts. The recent retirement of two Invincible-class aircraft carriers and the Sea Harriers of the Fleet Air Arm have greatly reduced the Royal Navy’s abilities. Nuclear firepower, as well as future aircraft-carrier plans earn it sixth place on the list.


5. Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force, Japan

Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force
Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force

Personnel: 50,800+
Ships: 154+
Aircraft: 340+

Aircraft carriers: 0 | Submarines: 17 | Frigates: 0 | Destroyers: 42 | Corvettes: 6 | Patrol vessels: 6 | Amphibious assault ships: 2 | Mine warfare vessels: 25 | Helicopter Destroyers: 4

The fifth navy on this list is unusual, because technically, it is not really a navy. Japan’s Maritime Self Defence Force (MSDF) is not a military force; its personnel are civil servants, not sailors. Largely under the radar, Japan has built up one of the largest, most-advanced and professionally manned naval forces in the world.


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4. Indian Navy, India

Indian Navy
Indian Navy

Personnel: 67228+
Ships: 295+
Aircraft: 250+

Aircraft carriers: 2 | Submarines: 15 | Frigates: 14 | Destroyers: 11 | Corvettes: 23 | Patrol vessels: 139 | Amphibious assault ships: 1 | Mine warfare vessels: 6 |

The Indian Navy traces its origins back to the East India Company’s Marine which was founded in 1612 to protect British merchant shipping in the region. In 1793, the East India Company established its rule over eastern part of the Indian subcontinent i.e. Bengal, but it was not until 1830 that the colonial navy was titled as Her Majesty’s Indian Navy. When India became a republic in 1950, the Royal Indian Navy as it had been named since 1934 was renamed to Indian Navy.


3. Russian Navy, Russia

Russian Navy
Russian Navy

Personnel: 148,000+
Ships: 270+
Aircraft: 350+

Aircraft carriers: 1 | Submarines: 63 | Frigates: 6 | Destroyers: 15 | Corvettes: 81 | Patrol vessels: 28 | Amphibious assault ships: 1 | Mine warfare vessels: 46 | Cruisers: 4 |

Third on our list is the Russian Navy. Although traditionally a land power, Russia inherited the bulk of the Soviet Navy at the end of the Cold War. This aging force is at the core of the current Russian Navy, with more ships and fleet-wide improvements slowly being introduced. The Russian Navy has proven useful to show the flag and shore up flagging Russian power worldwide.


2. People’s Liberation Army Navy, China

People’s Liberation Army Navy,
People’s Liberation Army Navy,

Personnel: 255,000+
Ships: 492+
Aircraft: 700+

Aircraft carriers: 1 | Submarines: 68 | Frigates: 51 | Destroyers: 35 | Corvettes: 35 | Patrol vessels: 220 | Amphibious assault ships: 2 | Mine warfare vessels: 31 |

The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has come a long way in the last 25 years. PLAN is number second in Top 10 Most Powerful Navies in the World 2018 list.  The spectacular growth of the Chinese economy, which fueled a tenfold defense-budget increase since 1989, has funded a modern navy. From a green-water navy consisting of obsolete destroyers and fast attack boats, the PLAN has grown into a true blue-water fleet.


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1. United States Navy, USA


Personnel: 323,197+
Ships: 430+
Aircraft: 3700+

Aircraft carriers: 12 | Submarines: 71 | Frigates: 30 | Destroyers: 60 | Corvettes: 2 | Patrol vessels: 13 | Amphibious assault ships: 10 | Mine warfare vessels: 11 | Cruisers: 22 |

First place on the list is no surprise: the United States Navy. The U.S. Navy has the most ships by far of any navy worldwide. It also has the greatest diversity of missions and the largest area of responsibility.

No other navy has the global reach of the U.S. Navy is number one in Top 10 Most Powerful Navies in the World 2018 list, which regularly operates in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, as well as the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf and the Horn of Africa. The U.S. Navy also forward deploys ships to Japan, Europe and the Persian Gulf.


these are Top 10 Most Powerful Navies in the World 2018