Top 10 Most Powerful Air Force in The World 2018

Most Powerful Air Force in The World 2018 – The undisputed heavyweight champion of the world is the USAF. The USAF will cling tightly to the title for the foreseeable future.

There are multiple large, well-equipped, well- trained and Most Powerful Air Force in the world, but none have had the kind of equipment, global reach and battlefield experience the USAF has.

This is actually near impossible to answer as the public simply do not have access to enough information due to its complexity and security issues .  To govern the competence of any military multiple factors come into play.  Here is a list of some but not all of them:

Politics – Government policy
Doctrine – Theory of how you fight/defend
Intelligence – You have to know your enemy
Threat – Determines how you train, where the money goes etc
Equipment – Quality, availability, numbers
Training – This is not a given, how you train is defined by the other factors
Resources – Manpower, civilian contracts, spares availability, bases etc
Communications – IT, Secure networks, data links etc
Morale – Willingness to fight, work hard
Leadership – The above is nothing without leaders
Experience – You can’t get good at what you don’t do

So the reality is the ability of any one Air Force to deliver military effect is in constant flux and each military will be prioritise what it wants to be good at based on these factors.  Yet, ultimately each capability will only be as good as you weakest component.


Most Powerful Air Force in The World 2018



Fighter Aircraft-2,296

Attack Aircraft-2,785

Trainer Aircraft-2,831

Attack Helicopter-947

Transport Aircraft-5,739

Active Personnel-318,415

Total Aircraft Strength: 13,762

Total Helicopter Strength: 6,065

The largest number of warplanes in the world which almost equals to the rest of the world put together. US is Most Powerful Air Force in the world. Most technologically advanced air forces in the world. It was founded on 11 September 1947. Now it has a $140 billion budget. US Air force has been involved in many wars, conflicts using military air operations.


Fighter Aircraft-806

Attack Aircraft-1,438

Trainer Aircraft-387

Attack Helicopter-490

Transport Aircraft-1,124

Active Personnel-148,000

Total Aircraft Strength: 3,794

Total Helicopter Strength: 1,389

Founded after the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991-92 and soon became one of the Most Powerful Air Force in the world.
Some practical combat experience had been gained in participating in the Spanish Civil War, and against Japan in the far-east.


chinese air force
chinese air force

Fighter Aircraft-1,271

Attack Aircraft-1385

Trainer Aircraft-352

Attack Helicopter-206

Transport Aircraft-782

Active Personnel-398,000

Total Aircraft Strength: 2,955

Total Helicopter Strength: 912

PLA Air Force(PLAAF) is the aviation branch of the People’s Liberation Army, the military of the People’s Republic of China. Official founded on November 11, 1949. China has third  Most Powerful Air Force in the world. Largest air force in Asia, and is better known for comprising some of the deadliest self-reliance combat aircrafts. After the fall of USSR, Russia became China’s principal arm suppliers.



Fighter Aircraft-676

Attack Aircraft-809

Trainer Aircraft-323

Attack Helicopter-16

Transport Aircraft-875

Active Personnel-140,139

Total Aircraft Strength: 2,102

Total Helicopter Strength: 666

India has the fourth Most Powerful Air Force in the world. It was officially established on 8 October 1932. Military Schools and Sainik Schools were founded to broaden the recruitment base of the Defence Forces. AIF Best equipped air force across the world along with professional standards. India Air Force had been involved in several wars, one with neighbours Pakistan(3) and one with the People’s Republic of China(1). During the Kargil War of 1999, It had provided close air support to the Indian Army with the use of helicopters.

IAF has built homemade fourth-generation-fighter – HAL Tejas. India is building fifth-generation-fighter Sukhoi PAK FA in collaboration with Russia

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royal air force british aerospace
royal air force

Fighter Aircraft-88

Attack Aircraft-168

Trainer Aircraft-329

Attack Helicopter-39

Transport Aircraft-337

Active Personnel-33,24

Total Aircraft Strength: 856

Total Helicopter Strength: 347

Royal Air Force  is oldest independent air force in the world. One of the most technologically sophisticated and capable air forces in the world. Founded on 1 April 1918, by the unification of the Royal Naval Air Services and Royal Flying Corps. Played a significant role in the British Military History in the Second World War. Motto “Through Adversity to the Stars”. RAF is the largest air force in the European Union, and the second largest in terms of aircraft in NATO, only after United States Air Force.


ISRAEL Air Force
ISRAEL Air Force

Fighter Aircraft-243

Attack Aircraft-243

Trainer Aircraft-219

Attack Helicopter-48

Transport Aircraft-101

Active Personnel-???

Total Aircraft Strength: 654

Total Helicopter Strength: 143

The Israeli Air Force “Air and Space Arm”, commonly known as “Air Corps”. It was founded on 28 May 1948, shortly after Israel d its Independence.Since its formation, it has been engaged in 8 recognized wars with Arab nations. It has also done bundle of operations against Arab guerillas and Palestine. Most of IAF aircraft are from american soil, among them are F-4 Phantom II, F-15, F-16, and F-35 lightning II. Almost 90% of its fleet consists of U.S. made air machines.


french air force
french air force

Fighter Aircraft-296

Attack Aircraft-284

Trainer Aircraft-283

Attack Helicopter-49

Transport Aircraft-662

Active Personnel-41,160

Total Aircraft Strength: 1,305

Total Helicopter Strength: 610

(Armee de l\’Air)In 1933, it was made an independent military arm.
In the post-World War 2 era, the French made a successful effort to develop a domestic aircraft industry. The Mirage demonstrated its abilities in the Gulf War, becoming one of the most popular jet fighters of its day, with a high quality of performance in the battle fields. French Air Force is the oldest air army in the world.


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Fighter Aircraft-207

Attack Aircraft-207

Trainer Aircraft-276

Attack Helicopter-70

Transport Aircraft-439

Active Personnel-60,000

Total Aircraft Strength: 1,018

Total Helicopter Strength: 455

Turkey is only Muslim country to fall in top 10 of three main branches of military: Army, Naval, and Air Force. Hence, Turkey is most powerful air force Muslim state.

Turkish Air Force was formed in 1911 by Ottaman Empire. However, today’s known Turkish Air Force come into existence after the creation of Republic of Turkey. Turkey is now heading towards the manufacturing of fifth-generation-fighter – TAI TFX – by 2023. Additionally, allocated $160 billion for its air force modernization program.


Egyptian AIR FORCE
Egyptian AIR FORCE

Fighter Aircraft-337

Attack Aircraft-427

Trainer Aircraft-384

Attack Helicopter-46

Transport Aircraft-260

Active Personnel-30,000

Total Aircraft Strength: 1,132

Total Helicopter Strength: 257

Egypt is leading military power in African continent. Egyptian Air Force (EAF) was formed in 1932, after 5 years it was declared as independent air force. Its core objectives are, to protect aerial territory, to carry strikes, and to support army operations. At present, EAF has large air arsenal, consisting of French, American, and Chinese aircrafts. Egypt was the first international customer to buy 24 French Dassault Rafale. Additionally, EAF operates 220 F-16s as well.


Most Powerful Air Force in the world
German Air force

Fighter Aircraft-125

Attack Aircraft-85

Trainer Aircraft-47

Attack Helicopter-47

Transport Aircraft-345

Active Personnel-28,448

Total Aircraft Strength: 698

Total Helicopter Strength: 375

Luftwaffe is the aerial warfare branch of the German Armed Forces. It was established in 1935, after violating the Treaty of Versailles. In the modern era, the United States Government still lends nuclear weapons to Luftwaffe under the NATO nuclear sharing agreement. Germany is well known for its role in Most doctrinally advanced and most battle-experienced air forces in the world at the time of World War II. In 2005 and 2008, F-4 Phantom fighter planes took part in the Baltic Air Policing operation of NATO.

So this is what world consider as “top 10 Most Powerful Air Force in The World 2018″.

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